2006 Annual Report


  • All medical General Practitioners in the South Island of New Zealand are beneficiaries of the Trust.
  • The Trust aims to empower leadership in General Practice.
  • The Trust aims to nurture leaders. Once we have identified talented people we will use our resources to aid their development.
  • The Trust is passionate about the efficient delivery of health care through provider or community owned General Practice Teams.
  • The Trust plans to use its resource to build a more robust General Practice sector. We envisage doing this by supporting innovation, education and leadership.
  • The Trust has had a successful year with its investments and is in a sound position financially. A more detailed financial report follows.

Highlights of 2005-2006

  • South Link Education Trust annual Queenstown conference. More clinical and less politics this year.
  • Medical Leadership Development Seminar in Wellington. Invited students had a high level insight into the planning and working of the health sector. A highlight for us.
  • Third and final tranche of medical books distributed.
  • Support for medical student organisations both nationally and at Otago University.
  • Sponsorship of Hospice New Zealand conference.
  • Funded discussion paper via IPAC 'Ownership in Primary Care: Critical success factor or Red Herring' by Pauline Barnett.
  • Funded continuation of GP Business Survey via IPAC.
  • Supported Harry Pert in his fact finding mission to NHS.
  • Provided scholarship for GP Training position on West Coast.

The Trust is developing its role within the primary health industry in the South Island. The Trustees would welcome feedback and suggestions from General Practitioners as to where they would see benefit could be gained by use of our resource.

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown
Board of Trustees

South Link Educational Trust

Summary of Financial Performance for the 12 months ended 30th June 2006

Income   2006 2005
Donations   - -
Investment Income   1,550,477 844,941
Total Income   1,550,477 844,941
Operating Expenses      
Audit Fees 1,553   1,600
South Link Health Management Fee 10,000   10,010
Total Costs   11,553 11,610
Surplus prior to distributions   1,538,924 833,331
Conference Costs 144,177   125,239
Director of Education -   12,500
General Expenses 1,092   -
IPAC Conference -   20,000
IPAC Sentinel Survey 50,000   -
Matagouri Club 5,000   10,000
Medical Books 29,939   89,856
Sponsorship 74,944   -
Total Distributions   305,152 257,595
Net surplus (deficit) for year   1,233,772 575,736


South Link Educational Trust

Summary of Financial Position as at 30th June 2006

ACCUMULated funds   2006 2005
Opening Accumulated Funds   10,518,856 9,943,120
Plus Surplus (Deficit) for year   1,233,772 575,736
Total Accumulated Funds   11,752,628 10,518,856
Represented by:      
Current Assets      
ASB Bank 52,370   19,216
Accounts Receivable -   -
GST Receivable 17,328   13,172
Total Current Assets   69,698 32,388
Forsyth Barr Ltd - Managed Funds   11,775,574 10,511,427
Total Assets   11,775,574 10,511,427
Less Current Liabilities      
  Accounts Payable   92,644 24,959
Net ASSETS   11,752,628 10,518,856


The above financial summaries have been extracted from the South Link Education Trust’s full financial audited accounts.  If you would like to receive a copy of the full accounts, audited by WHK, please contact Dianne Railton at South Link Health.




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